New Bitcoin mining center in Siberia expected to create up to 100 jobs for inhabitants of the region

13.6 acres of cold and barren land in Siberia will be used with the support of international investors.

The Governor of the Republic of Buryatia, Russia, signed a decree allowing the construction of a 13.6-acre (55037.25 square meter) data center in Southeast Siberia. The facility will become home to a number of high-tech activities, including Bitcoin Mining (BTC).

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The facility will be built by BitRiver and is expected to create up to 100 jobs for local residents. It will be equipped with the latest generation of ASIC miners and will take about one year to complete. In addition to crypto-mining, the facility will be used for Big Data and the Internet of Things. The necessary investment is estimated at RUB 691 million or USD 9 million, which will be provided by investors from the USA, China and Japan.

Siberia is one of the most attractive places in the world to practice Bitcoin mining. The abundance of natural resources means cheap electric power, and its cold climate means that miners don’t have to spend as much energy on refrigeration. The proximity to China, the main producer of mining equipment, should also make the equipment supply chain more efficient.

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However, these advantages may be negated by the legal uncertainty surrounding the regulation of cryptomint mining in the region.

With this amazing NFT of a work of art two children will be able to fulfill their dreams

Anyone who has a copy of the NFT will see the changes in real time as Bitcoin donations arrive.

A former baseball player has created a non-expendable token (NFT) for a sensitive piece of art while allowing crypto coin holders to donate some Bitcoin to help two African-American children fulfill their dreams.

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According to a representative of the artist, former Tampa Bay Rays player Micah Johnson, the Async Art market will make this artwork available at an NFT starting October 29. The NFT is scheduled to showcase the effects that Bitcoin (BTC) donations will have on the two children, represented by a door that opens wider with each passing year.

Each year, on the respective birthdays of these children, a BTC QR code will appear that will allow all holders of a copy of this NFT to make a „Bitcoin Birthday Donation“ to help them become what they want to be when they grow up.

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In the artwork you can see a door between an astronaut (the dream job of many children) and the two children. It even changes depending on whether it is day or night. Anyone who buys a copy of the NFT will be able to alter the digital art in real time for all owners, as each donation opens the door a little wider.